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Navitas DC TSX3.0 wiring diagrams and schematics

Non ITS Series Cart (Most CC series with 0-5K throttle) 94+ EZGO ITS Series EZGO PDS 1206MX Yamaha G29 YDRE Moric Yamaha G19/G22 Curtis 1520/1268 Non ITS 0-5K throttle (Some DS and Precedent carts) Curtis 1264/1268 ITS (EZGOs) EZGO DCS 1206SX...
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  Cart includes: Welded and coated steel frame (corrosion resistant undercoat) Transaxle with rear drum mechanical brakes (Club Car style) Steering wheel, rack, column and hardware Front spindles, axle, steering box Brake pedal and accelerator pedal assembly Ignition switch, FNR...
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Does your Club Car have an OBC?

Discovering if your Club Car has an OBC is pretty simple.  Club Car stopped using the OBC in 2014-15ish.  Somewhere around there.  The OBC is used to tell your Club Car supplied charger when to turn on and off.  Most...
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