Custom golf carts one stop shop!

Custom golf carts one stop shop!

Custom golf carts one stop shop!Custom golf carts one stop shop!

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About Us


Anything modified

Golf Carts Modified is your one stop shop for any mods that you are wanting to make to your golf cart.  We are the home of custom golf carts.

Between our website and our Facebook page, we can help you find any information that you may need or be lacking. 

Check out our Facebook page.  We have tons of highly skilled users that can help with any questions that you may have about golf cart parts and mods.


Need parts ????

GCMod is your one stop shop for custom golf carts parts.  Even if it is not on this page, we can still get it.  Just reach out to us.  We can get all golf cart parts.



Why have custom golf carts without custom swag?  Our swag prices are just as cheap as our golf cart parts.  More shirts and fun stuff coming soon.




Registration is live for the 2020 build off.

Congrats to Ryan O'Rear and Austin Fehler for winning last years build off.

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Subscribe to receive monthly email updates about the build off and any future changes to Golf Carts Modified. I promise everyone that things will be changing soon and we have exciting announcements coming soon. Our goal is to make it easier for everyone to find any golf cart parts that they need for any custom golf carts that they are building.

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Have a question about the build off?

Want to know more about us?  What to know about the event?  Want to inquire about sponsoring the event?  Have a question about specific golf cart parts? Need help with your custom golf carts project? Send us a message, and we'll get back to you soon.

Golf Carts Modified

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