Why should I convert my golf cart to an AC kit?
T Travis Andrews

Why should I convert my golf cart to an AC kit?

Feb 25, 2021 · AC Conversions · DC · Navitas

What are the benefits of an AC kit on my golf cart?  How is AC motor and controller better than a DC motor and controller?  Which AC it should I buy? Is the AC motor and controller more efficient?  Will I have more torque with an AC kit?  What will my top speed be with an AC kit?

These are all the questions that we hear at Golf Carts Modified when it comes to AC kits on golf carts.  So lets discuss a little bit and I will have a few useful videos at the end.

Benefits of an AC kit over a DC kit:

  • More speed and torque:  You will increase speed and see 30+ MPH with the right setting and more torque than you will ever need on a golf cart.  The biggest advantage that most users forget is that the AC kit will yield 25+ MPH in ALL applications.  Uphill, fully loaded.  Doesn't matter.  The AC kit will not lose the speed uphill that a DC kit does.
  • Greater efficiency: AC systems offer more miles per charge than a comparable DC system.
  • Less heat:  AC kits run cooler than DC kits.  Less heat means better efficiency.
  • Brushless motors:  AC motors are brushless and have less mechanical parts.  Just bearings.  That is it.  There are less mechanical parts that can fail and that is why AC motors are bulletproof.
  • More smiles per hour: This one explains itself.
  • Cost effective:  On average the AC conversions are only $200-$300 more than a comparable DC controller and motor set up. 

Now let's focus specifically on the Navitas AC kit that we offer at Golf Carts Modified LLC and that can be purchased at most vendors around the U.S.

Why purchase the Navitas?

  • Bluetooth App: Navitas provides and app that allows you to make user specific adjustments to the controller and motor so you can tailor the golf cart and its responsiveness to your style of driving.  Most other AC kits CANNOT be adjusted without purchasing model specific programmers.
  • On the fly programming: The Navitas kits come with an "on they fly" programmer that allows for quick adjustment while driving the cart.  The programmer knobs allow the user to adjust speed, acceleration and regen amperage while driving.  There are a few benefits to this.  The #1 benefit for me is that as the batteries discharge, the behavior of regen varies.  So I like being able to adjust my regen based on battery level.  I also adjust my regen based on the environment I am driving in.  If I need to go wide open and have plenty of room to brake then regen is virtually off.  If I am in a crowded environment with a lot of people then regen is maxed out.  Another benefit is when you adjust speed on with the programmer knobs it actually changing the motor mapping program in the controller so that it is running at peak efficiency for the speed you have set and therefore reduces heat build up.  Manually running 25% throttle with your foot is not good for carts and it is better to turn top speed down and press the pedal 100%.
  • Security lock out features on app and on programmer: The Navitas app allows you to security lock the cart.  The cart will not function when the security feature is enabled.  The Navitas on the fly programmer also has a physical key lock so that settings cannot be adjusted when in the lock position.
  • Easy to install: Navitas AC kits are drop in and plug n play in most applications (some model carts do require additional parts).  Low profile controller with small overall footprint installs quickly and easily.
  • Top notch customer support: Navitas has some of the best engineers and customer support in the industry.
  • Golf Carts Modified LLC support: This is what we do and this is what we specialize in!

What carts are plug n play?

  • Club Car Precedent, Excel, Onward and DS with IQ set ups: If your Club car has a Curtis 1510 or 1515 on it then this kit is plug n play.
  • Club Car Carryall: Most of these have a NON-ITS Curtis 1268 on them.  Any Club Car with a Curtis 1268 can use this kit.
  • EZGO TXT48: These carts have the Curtis 1206HB on them
  • EZGO S4, L6, MPT: These carts have an ITS Curtis 1268 on them.
  • Yamaha YDRE G29: Moric controller stock.
  • StarEV: These carts have a NON-ITS Curtis 1268
  • EZGO RXV: These carts are already AC and Navitas makes a controller only swap for them.  NO ONE makes an aftermarket AC motor for the RXV carts.  Your cart will either have a Curtis or Danaher controller.  It is important to know which one when ordering.
  • Yamaha Drive2 and YDRE2: If you have the AC model of this cart then Navitas makes an controller swap for it.

What carts are not necessarily plug n play but Golf Carts Modified LLC knows how to do it anyways?

  • EZGO Series
  • Club Car Series
  • Club Car Regen I
  • Club Car Regen II
  • Yamaha G19
  • Yamaha G22


Travis Andrews on MotorTrendTV discussing the Navitas AC kits:

    Fun video that FSIP created about the Navitas AC kits 

    Golf Carts Modified LLC video showing how to install Navitas AC kit on Yamaha G29

    Golf Carts Modified LLC video showing how to convert 36V EZGO PDS cart to a 48V Navitas AC kit

    How to purchase from Golf Carts Modified LLC?

    All of our Navitas AC products can be found here.

    All Navitas products can be found here.


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    Oct 18, 2021

    my cart is fun now…txt48 is on steroids’…fixing to convert to 72 volt lithium soon. more power+torque. GO NAVITAS AC. :)

    J Justin Hargett
    May 21, 2021

    I am going to have to save up some money but I got a 2017 presidential club cart that I’m thinking of doing this to

    R Ryan O’Front
    Feb 25, 2021

    Good work