Standard length unlifted: $4500

Standard length 6" Lift: $4700

Limo unlifted: $5100

Limo 6" Lift: $5300

Cart includes:

  • Welded and coated steel frame (corrosion resistant undercoat)
  • Transaxle with rear drum mechanical brakes (Club Car style)
  • Steering wheel, rack, column and hardware
  • Front spindles, axle, steering box
  • Brake pedal and accelerator pedal assembly
  • Ignition switch, FNR
  • Plastic Dash
  • Floor mats, galvanized floor board and firewall board
  • Removable battery box (6 batteries)
  • RXV style wiring harness (most water resistant)
  • 4 gauge battery cables
  • General hardware and Aluminum foot step
  • Voltage reducer
  • Battery power meter
  • Front plastic bumper
  • Short rear bumper
  • 600A 5KW Navitas AC kit
  • NO Wheels or tires!

These carts accept EZGO TXT bodies.  Add batteries and the carts run and drive.  The one we built runs 35 MPH with certain dealer adjusted settings.

Contact Golf Carts Modified for more.

Dealers can contact us direct too.


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