Does your Club Car have an OBC?
T Travis Andrews

Does your Club Car have an OBC?

Feb 26, 2021 · Club Car

Discovering if your Club Car has an OBC is pretty simple.  Club Car stopped using the OBC in 2014-15ish.  Somewhere around there.  The OBC is used to tell your Club Car supplied charger when to turn on and off.  Most users bypass the OBC and go with an aftermarket charger at some point since the OBC are common failure points.

If your charger is an ERIC charger and looks like this then you DO NOT have an OBC:


If the ground wire from your batteries runs into a hole in a panel on the back wall of the body then your cart DOES have an OBC.  Take a look at these images:

If you want to delete and bypass your OBC, we offer a line of chargers:




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